Love inspires us!

I love creating meaningful gifts.One gift brings two smiles which warm the heart with a wonderful story..  

Every person we love is special, and sometimes they just need a little reminder.

As a child I loved to get dressed up in my mother's jewelry, and she would tell me of the people or story of how she got this or that piece (often it was my great grandmother) who had given her many pieces.

I also love to travel and meet new people, everyone has a story to tell and I like to listen, and sometimes it's where I get my ideas for quotes. There are many touching stories behind what I do, which makes me really  fortunate to be able to do what I love and design thougtful unique jewelry! 

I created JBL for the women like me, a busy woman.with the many roles of loving wife, nurturing mom, caring sister,attentive daughter & best friend, trying to have a full getting things done for everyone, but not always managing to cultivate those connections, because they're only so many hours in a day, and having the time to do things just the way you like is difficult.

Sometimes at night as I/you tiredly lay in bed thinking about family and friends and about how you aren't doing enough to keep your loved ones close. You know you could send them a card or just give them a call, but you want to go the extra mile and combine that call with something more memorable, more original something,a little bit more you.

You don't want to look back on life and think," I should have let them know more often about how much I care"

So I want to make gift giving easier and convenient for you, that one thing less you have to think about, to have the ability to buy and send that gift which is a meticulously crafted personal address to the recipient. Which also allows you to get fulfillment in return because that's the reward of a gift well given, and all of that with a simple mouse click.

At Jewelled by love. we understand the impact of a gift, how our Jewelry displayed with a message insert, which conveys something meaningful... which tells a story, expresses love, shows concern,or simply celebrates a special occasion.  Gifts are special to us, and having a piece of jewelry from a loved one serves as a constant reminder of how awesome they are, and secretly allows us to maintain our connections, 

So use our jewelry as an expression of your love.

Let's help you make someone feel unique and gift jewelry to someone special. 

A smiling world sounds ideal to me, so Jewelled by love is an outlet for my creative ideas, and my contribution at making that happen.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me.



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